Monday, February 28, 2005

This is bad

From a link-rich story in The Nation, via Yahoo News:
It's been an inauspicious start for Scott Bloch, head of the government's Office of Special Counsel (OSC), the agency charged with protecting federal whistleblowers. After moving from the Justice Department (news - web sites)'s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives in January 2004, Bloch suggested that federal employees could essentially be fired for being gay. Then, directly contradicting his organization's purpose, Bloch complained of "leakers" within the OSC and issued a gag order for employees. In a speech last fall Bloch admitted he knew little about the Counsel's work before Bush nominated him. Now he's pushing forward a controversial agency "reorganization" plan that watchdogs liken to a purge.

If this is the kind of hackery Bloch's been participating in at the OSC, what kind of damage did he wreak at Faith-Based Initiatives?

And why am I still surprised by the depths to which Bush administration officials will sink?


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