Wednesday, February 02, 2005

This 'n' That

A new report tracks Saudi-sponsored "hate" in US mosques.  We don't know the source, so we'll refrain from judgment at the moment.

Michael Ross' scheduled execution is off again, indefinitely.  This is gut-wrenching.  Meanwhile, in Colorado, the state Supreme Court is considering whether jurors' use of Bible passages related to the death penalty is enough to overturn a capital conviction.

As an example of the difficulty of politically pigeonholing the black church these days, consider these reports from Los Angeles and Nashville.

There has been quite a bit of talk about Time magazine's list of America's "25 Most Influential Evangelicals," much of it critical.  Even Christianity Today had some problems with it.  Here's two more critiques, from different angles:  here and here.

Millard Fillmore is out, this time for good.

Church attendance is up in Canada, even among those frenchie-mainline protestants.  Do the Canucks know something we don't?

As proof there's no place to silly for an evangelist, someone's trying to bring the Good News to the MJ trial.  And that concludes our trial coverage.  Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen...

If you'd like to have a pint and talk about God in Belfast, you'd better put a nickel in it.  Things started at the Blue Wave at 8.  Don't worry, they're planning on doing more.  If cough syrup's your thing, you're also in luck:  it's just been pronounced kosher.

Last link:  Ned Flanders is set to take a bigger role on the Simpsons, starting with this weekend's Super Bowl episode.  Beware war-diddly-iddly-robe malfunctions!


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