Friday, February 11, 2005

This 'n' That

  • Since we've brought up Bruce Prescott's name a couple of times now, let's not forget to remind you all that he's begun podcasting his radio interviews.

  • The Des Moines Register goes in search of Iowa's "most moral" county. They find a windmill:

  • Beliefnet passes on a long story about sexual abuse in Amish communities from Legal Affairs. We wonder if the article wasn't inspired by this series by RNR's local newspaper.

  • There's a new edition of the Talmud coming available. At 73 volumes, we doubt we'll be putting it on our nightstands anytime soon. To give you an idea of just how daunting the Talmud is in any language, check out this sample page:

    If we're not mistaken, that skinny column in the middle is the scripture itself. The rest is commentary, and commentary on the commentary...

  • MSNBC figures out that, you know? The sudden upswing in ID/Creationist court cases around the country might be part of an organized campaign.

  • Joan Chittister calls for the Catholic Church to make up its mind on married priests. Be careful what you wish for, Joan: you might wind up with pastordan!

  • It's difficult to resist headlines like this: "Faith to seek its own police force." That's Faith, North Carolina, y'all.

  • A couple of "church and state" items: the Bush administration is going to the Supreme Court to stop hallucigenic tea from being used in certain religious ceremonies. And Hawaiian prisoners in Oklahoma are being permitted to celebrate the traditional holiday of Makahiki, thanks in part to the help of the UCC. (Thanks to Hono Lulu for the tip!)

  • And if you thought that story was a bit off-kilter, consider the Hasidic reggae singer. We hear he's supposed to be pretty good!


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