Wednesday, February 16, 2005

This 'n' That

  • Chuck Currie keeps tabs on the Scaife-front Institute for Religion and Democracy.

  • A Christian Cheerleading coach says she's fighting God's Battle after getting canned by the University of Georgia for her on-the-job proselytizing. Our thanks to the Revealer staff for the link.

  • Nicholas Kristof is an idiot.

  • Albert Mohler is a jackass.

  • The signs of the times lead us to believe that the end is near, at least according to this website. Personally, we're going to stick with this sign:

  • Another group of black pastors is coming together in Atlanta to attempt to chart the agenda for the black church. Given the sharp division of that church over questions of priorities, it could be a contentious meeting.

  • Beliefnet has an article on a subject dear to RNR's heart: Jewish robots. Well, comic strips about them, anyway:

    Free Image Hosting at

    That's going in the favorites list.

  • Last link, in more ways than one: Sister Lucia de Jesus dos Santos has died at the age of 97. She was the last of the three children to have seen the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portgual in 1917, and the transcriber of the visions.


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