Friday, February 18, 2005

This 'n' That

  • We're ashamed sometimes to find out just how good Bartholomew's coverage of American religion can be. We mean, the guy's a Brit living in Japan, for crying in the night. In any case, he serves up a real head-scratcher here: Eugene Genovese defending a proponent of the virtues of the "Old South"? What the...?

  • More academic inside baseball: "Huntington College, a United Brethren Church institution in Indiana, wants to get rid of John E. Sanders in the worst way," according to the Chronicle of Higher Education:

    The problem is that Mr. Sanders is a prominent proponent of Open Theism. That minority approach within evangelical theology maintains that the future, rather than being foreordained, unfolds through a continuous give-and-take between God and humans.

    Mr. Sanders, whose books include The God Who Risks (InterVarsity Press, 1998), narrowly escaped being expelled from the Evangelical Theological Society in 2003 following accusations that Open Theism was heretical.


    But don't blame the board. Mr. Sanders's dismissal may have been planned since before the beginning of time.

  • The World Council of Churches is holding an "ecumenical discussion" of human sexuality. Because, um, Christians ought to be able to talk about such things without shouting. Our question is: who's brave enough to stock the toy table?

  • Beth Stroud's appeal of her removal from UMC ministry will be heard April 28th. Looking at where the jury is from doesn't give us much confidence (Etters, Pennsylvania is hardly known as a hotbed of liberalism), but by then it will be the season of Easter. And who knows? Perhaps by Pentecost, a new spirit will be blowing across the church.

  • Last link: a problemmatic sculpture in Denver:


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