Thursday, March 31, 2005

2 1/2 Cheers For The Home Team!

The Clearwater judge hearing the legal fight over Terri Schiavo's feeding tube has dropped out of his church after the pastor inquired about his continued membership.

Calvary Baptist Church says Circuit Judge George Greer had not regularly attended services for years.

The pastor wrote a two-page letter this month asking why Greer hadn't transferred his membership elsewhere after criticizing the church.

Greer had complained that his church didn't come to his defense after the Florida Southern Baptist Convention editorialized against his rulings in the case of the brain-damaged woman.

Clearwater's Faith United Church of Christ has invited Greer to join.

Wichita, Kansas:
A Christian vote on the proposed amendment to ban same-sex marriages and civil unions is not necessarily a yes vote, a group of Wichita clergy who oppose the amendment said Wednesday.

"It's Christian to vote no on this because it lifts up justice, and justice is a Christian value," said the Rev. Ken Stephens of Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ.

He was among about a dozen clergy who attended a news conference at Fairmount United Church of Christ in Wichita to announce their opposition to the amendment. He is one of 26 area clergy who have signed a statement urging people to vote no.

But then there's this piece on faith and the NJ Governor's race, which highlights the affiliations of all the candidates except the front-runner's. John Corzine has been a member of a UCC congregation in Northern Jersey for quite some time.

The Democrats' presumptive candidate, U.S. Sen. Jon Corzine, has pumped millions of dollars into the historically vote-rich black churches in urban New Jersey as well as Catholic and Jewish charities. Working black congregations in Hudson and Essex Counties helped boost a forceful turnout for him during the 2000 Democratic Senate primary, in which he hammered former Gov. Jim Florio, who was better known, by 58 percent to 42 percent.

Corzine supports a variety of religious institutions, spokeswoman Ivette Mendez said, and will campaign at them because he "believes deeply that religion plays a vital role in society."

WTDO? Did they not ask him, or did he decline to answer?

And where does this leave Sponge Bob?


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