Wednesday, March 09, 2005


We've added a number of new links to our blogroll:
  • Cephasworld is run by a religious broadcasting executive in Atlanta. No, not that kind of broadcasting.

  • Dr. Laniac has a search engine of progressive blogs, growing out of the "Stop Gonzalez" movement earlier this year.

  • About Politics looks at doings in Pennsylvania and around the world.

  • That's Another Fine Mess is a mix of political and cultural commentary, including pastordan's take on the Bible. Don't miss the pic of George W. as Stan Laurel!

  • Worldwide Webers is the house blog of a large and progressive family. It's everything from plans for the family reunion to political commentary.

It's all good stuff. Go.

Oh, and for the fastidious among you: faithforward gets a cut of the profits of each of these sites. Hah!

At 2:51 PM, Blogger PSoTD said...

The check's in the mail! Thanks.


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