Monday, March 21, 2005

Christian Aid "appalled" by Wolfowitz nomination

ekklesia: a British organization is offended by Paul Wolfowitz's nomination to head the World Bank:
"George Bush is able to put forward a controversial ally and strong advocate of the Iraq war to run an institution that has a significant influence over the economic fortunes of developing nations" Christian Aid said in a statement.

"It is difficult to imagine how Mr Wolfowitz's past experience as Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's deputy will have prepared him to lead an important multilateral agency tasked with promoting good governance and poverty reduction throughout the
developing world.

Despite commitments made by the UK government and other Western leaders to reform the process, Christian Aid warns that recruitment procedures at the higher levels of the World Bank and IMF "resemble an old boy's network, and not the transparent process we would expect from institutions that are technically part of the UN family".

As much as we appreciate their outrage, all we can say is: stand in line.


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