Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dept. of Speaking Out

From FaithfulAmerica.org:

There’s a joke about a football referee who made a terrible call that favored
the visiting team. When the crowd booed in protest, the ref turned to the
visiting coach and said, “Ah, they’re just mad because we’re winning.”

Did you know that a similar call was made in Washington, DC in YOUR House of Representatives?

In January some Republican members of the House of Representatives – without consulting with Members on the Committee on Ethics – quietly monkeyed around with the rules of that very committee so that when a complaint is filed against a House Member, a majority vote is no longer needed for it to be dismissed. Instead, they changed the rule so that after a month and a half it can simply evaporate without a trace. By all accounts it was an outrageous call.

Ethics are too important to punt away for the sake of party politics!

Here's the good news - Congress is in recess and your Representative is at HOME. It's the perfect time to let your elected official know that faithful voters expect a higher standard in the House, and we're here to help you.

CLICK HERE TO MAKE THE RIGHT CALL! (http://faithfulamerica.org/EthicsAction.htm)

Find your Representative online at http://clerk.house.gov/members/index.html

We'll provide you with phone numbers, email and postal addresses, and talking points. After you've taken action, be sure to let us know by dropping us a line: mail@faithfulamerica.org

As a person of faith you know that living to our highest moral and ethical standard is not a drudgery to be endured, but a privilege to be exercised. Thousands of years before the words of our nation's constitution were penned, a far more enduring, holy law was written upon the hearts of those who cared to give it heed. It taught us that before we could “form a more perfect union, establish justice” and the rest, we must first know in the deepest sanctuaries of our hearts what it means to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. (Micah 6:8) It is a standard of ethics worthy of our best efforts not because we fear getting caught lying, but because it is the way “we the people” show up for life when we're at our very best.

These values are not true simply because they are in Holy Scripture.
They are in Holy Scripture because they are true. If our civilization is to grow and not decay, if our nation is to deliver on the promise of liberty and justice for all, if our society is to advance into the light of compassion and courage, rather than retreat into the shadows of a selfish and clutching survival, then we must insist that our own standards reflect the best and highest of who we are as a human family. Until we do, and despite all religious rhetoric, the United States of America will forever be a morally poor and subject nation. We need not be Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Buddhist to feel and to know the law that resides in our hearts – that we cannot know freedom until we embrace truth, Or as Christian scripture has put it, “the TRUTH will make us free.

Thank you! Blessings to you as you put your faith into motion.

Vince Isner & your FaithfulAmerica Team


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