Thursday, March 03, 2005

From Tikkun:

(via reader Claire S.):

Spiritual Activism: A Prophetic Progressive Interfaith Spiritual Movement & Creating a National Network of Progressive Spiritual Activists with an Agenda to Transform American Society and Politics

Our goal is to energize and constitute an interfaith movement of progressive, prophetic spiritual activism and to give it a larger place in public consciousness. We propose a three stage process in building the network of Progressive Spiritual Activists. You can get involved in any or all of the stages.

1. July 20-23, 2005 Berkeley, California: Leadership and activist conference to begin a process of refining a prophetic spiritual agenda. Help us shape the ideas (see the conference agenda below). Register for the Berkeley conference by clicking HERE.

2. Febuary 10-13, 2006 Washington, D/C.: Building on the July conference in Berkeley, this will be the National conference to launch a prophetic spiritual politics agenda to the media and the politicians in D.C. and to train organizers who will take the agenda into their communities. Register for the DC conference by clicking HERE.

3. March - September 2006 Local campaigns: Regional conferences and meetings with:
a. Labor unions
b. Professional organizations,
c. Lay and local leadership of churches, synagogues, mosques, ashrams, etc.
d. Leadership and activists of social change and social service organizations on the local level
e. leadership of political parties.


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