Wednesday, March 16, 2005

God Politics

From Jesus Politics:

A quote from the study DOES GOD MATTER?:
In addition, God matters to politics. Images of God in the United States are highly predictive of political affiliations. In general, individuals with a more passive and inactive view of God will tend to be Democrats. Once again, this analysis controls for important demographic variables along with religious affiliation and church attendance. This means, for example, a Southern Baptist who believes in a more active and judgmental God is statistically more likely to be Republican than another Southern Baptist who views God in a more passive and inactive light, even when they share common demographic characteristics, including frequency of church attendance. In other words, an individual's belief about God tells us something more about her moral attitudes, behavior, and politics than we can find out through her church affiliation and religious behavior. In the end, image of God is a powerful variable. As social scientists, we interpret this to mean that God is a powerful influence on humans.


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