Friday, March 04, 2005


From Gary Bauer's "End of Day Report"

2,000 or 200?

Last December, the Congress and the White House agreed to pass new
legislation that authorizes the hiring of 2,000 new border patrol agents
each year for the next five years. To me, the bipartisan agreement was an
encouraging sign that we may start getting serious about our porous

But in Washington the �devil is in the details.� The budget that was just
sent to Capitol Hill only provides for 200 new agents, not 2,000. With all
the fraud and waste inherent in big government, why, oh why, are we
pinching pennies on something as central to our future as border security?
I want a balanced budget, but this is the wrong place to look for savings.

Senate liberals immediately went on the attack over the missing 1,800
agents. Senator Hillary Clinton has already tried to appear tougher on the
immigration issue than the administration. The budget request will give
her more ammunition.

Just a few weeks ago, Homeland Security officials told a congressional
committee that Al Qaeda operatives are trying to enter the U.S. from
Mexico. In fiscal year 2003, about five percent of captured illegal
immigrants crossing our southern border were OTMs (Other Than Mexicans.)

If, God forbid, there is another September 11th-type of attack involving
terrorists who entered the country illegally, the political backlash
against the White House and the majority party will be devastating.


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