Monday, March 21, 2005

How to Beat the Christian Right, Part I

Fredrick Clarksonconsiders the Religious Right again:
There is a tendency, especially among those who are just learning about the Christian Right, to get very worked up about 'the dominionists,' 'the theocrats' and 'the Reconstructionists,' and so on. And this is understandable. (If it wasn't, I wouldn't have spent so many years learning and writing about these things.) But once you do know, once you do understand, what then? What do we do with what we have learned? How much information do we need to take action? Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that learning about the Christian Right is something we should not do, or ever stop doing. What I am saying is that one does not need to be an expert to begin to take action, and the knowledge that we gain should inform our activism.

As I say over at Booman, I think Fred's responding at least in part to my post, "You Mean Lisa?" below. But we're on the same page, I think, if for no other reason than that we both think Roy Moore is a huckster. Heh.

At 11:06 PM, Blogger Frederick Clarkson said...

Hey, pastordan.

Actually, I wasn't responding to your Lisa post, although on reflection, I can see how you might have seen it that way.

I do believe that if we fail to integrate electoral politics into our lives, and our institutions, and limit our electoral involvement to voting, we are in effect, declining to engage in the creation of power -- power sufficient to advance or defend the things we hold to be most important.

Many of us have utterly failed in this, and I include myself. We substantially left the playing field to the Christian Right and thier allies.

If we wonder why the Christian Right wins elections, its that they organize to win elections in ways that are just plain more effective than any other sector of society.

That's what my essay is about. (In case anyone was wondering ;-)


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