Monday, March 07, 2005

It begins...

Fallout from inter-Anglican feuds:
Worldwide divisions over homosexuality in the Anglican Church burst open in Kansas on Sunday, as the Episcopal diocese announced a separation with a large Overland Park church.

The Rev. Dean Wolfe, Episcopal bishop of eastern Kansas, said that Christ Church Episcopal at 91st Street and Nall Avenue had agreed in principal to sever ties with the diocese and the national Episcopal Church.

A letter outlining the split was read at Episcopal churches throughout the Kansas side of the metropolitan area and posted on the diocese's Web site,

Christ Church's parishioners are scheduled to vote next month on the separation agreement. If the agreement is approved, it would become the first church to separate from the Kansas diocese. It is the largest Episcopal parish in the area, with about 2,200 members.

Expect to hear more of this kind of thing over the next couple of years.


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