Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Gary Bauer:
The effort to smear Tom DeLay is no longer a "whisper campaign" in the
shadowy corridors of Congress. The radical Left is now taking its crusade
to the airwaves, hoping to tear down Tom DeLay just as it did Newt
Gingrich. A liberal organization, called the Campaign for America's
Future, is about to launch an ad blitz intended to split rank-and-file
House Republicans from the leadership. The theme of one ad is "stand with
DeLay or decency."

Why is the radical Left so determined to demonize Tom DeLay? Because he is
one of the most effective advocates for traditional values on Capitol Hill.
The liberals know it and they don't deny that is the reason they are
gunning for him now.

Today's Washington Post reports that Democratic officials in Congress are
trying to turn DeLay's efforts to save Terri Schiavo against him, noting
that "his high profile in the congressional intervention in the Terri
Schiavo case, has given them an opening to use him as more of a foil. They
said that until now, he was so little known to the public -- despite his
enormous power at the Capitol -- that attacks on him were not effective."

If by "traditional values" you mean the cynical, self-aggrandazing of a family's pain to stave off the PR fallout from multiple ethics (and criminal) investigations, then yes, Mr. Bauer. Yes, you are correct.


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