Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Marcavage, again

Agape Press, the American Family Association's answer to Pravda is reporting that Michael Marcavage, leader of Repent America is suing Temple University for trying to have him committed to a psych ward after a demonstration in 1999:
"The AFA Law Center spokesman feels the university must be held accountable for the actions it took against its student for simply speaking out against a school-sponsored theatrical production. The legal expert points out that, in some sense, Marcavage thought the incident marked something of a turning point.

'And obviously, we've seen the ratcheting up of hostility against Christians and Christianity,' Crampton notes, 'as most recently seen in the Philadelphia 11 matter, where [the Christian defendants were] charged with hate crimes simply for trying to share the gospel.'

In fact, the AFA attorney adds, 'It is a terrible, oppressive environment out there, and university campuses are among the worst places for Christians.' He says the Law Center intends to seek damages for Marcavage's ordeal."

That's funny. I'm a Christian, and I don't feel oppressed.


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