Thursday, March 24, 2005


From a Guardian report on the Schiavo protest scene outside the Supreme Court building:
Dave Daubenmire was sitting in church Sunday in Hebron, Ohio, when he says the spirit suddenly moved him to come to Florida. A man in the congregation wrote him a $716 check on the spot and told him: "We need you down there."

Wearing a blue baseball cap with a red cross, the 52-year-old former high school football coach considers himself a "coach for the church." He goes wherever he thinks the nation's Judeo-Christian values are under attack; he says he spent seven days on the steps of Alabama's judicial building in Montgomery, supporting Justice Roy Moore defiance of a federal order to remove a two-ton Ten Commandments monument. That order was enforced, the monument was moved and Moore was eventually expelled from office.

"Those of us in faith have been missing in action," Daubenmire says. "How come Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson aren't laying in front of that door over there? If they really believe a woman is being murdered, where is the church?''

That's easy: they're off writing fundraising letters to help defend America against the scourge of gay-friendly cartoon characters.


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