Thursday, March 03, 2005

More on Dennis Rader

Turns out Rader (Wichita's BTK suspect) will not be tossed out of his congregation:
"We are not going to cut him off. I could tell that he was relieved," Clark told The Associated Press. "He is still a part of the body of Christ -- and that is something some people will have a hard time hearing."

And--this is worthy of Graham Greene--it seems the church had a role in catching Rader:
A hidden electronic code on a computer diskette helped lead police to Dennis Rader, the suspect in the BTK serial killings, according to the pastor of Rader's church and a retired Wichita police supervisor.

The Rev. Michael Clark, pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in suburban Park City, said Tuesday that police searched the church and found that a 3.5-inch diskette containing what is alleged to be communication from BTK once had been used in the computer in the church office.

Rader, charged with the 10 slayings tied to BTK, was president of the church council and had used the computer at least once to print out a meeting agenda, Clark said.

We're hearing a lot coming out of Christ Lutheran; I assume that it's one of the few sources that can--or will--talk about Rader.


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