Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Shower of Stoles

Those wacky liberals are at it again in Oklahoma:
Each liturgical stole hanging in the fellowship hall at a northwest Oklahoma City church represents more than a piece of cloth worn during religious ceremonies.

One stole was once worn by Jim Houk, a former United Methodist clergyman. Another belonged to the Rev. Kathy McCallie, once a United Methodist pastor who withdrew from the denomination because of its opposition to her performing ceremonies celebrating homosexual relationships.

McCallie's vivid purple and red stole, like each of the others in the "Shower of Stoles" exhibit, represents someone who has been affected by the issue of homosexuality and faith.

But here's the best part:
Nance Cunningham is one of the deacons at Mayflower Congregational Church, where the stole exhibit is on display. She said the church's deacons chose to highlight the national exhibit because of the Sexuality and Scriptures Conference that will take place Thursday through Saturday at the church, 3901 NW 63.

"We understand our responsibility as followers of Jesus to bring about honor, respect and help to those who have been marginalized," Cunningham said.

Can't wait until the Republican National Committee starts running ads against a future presidential candidate from the Sooner state, denouncing him or her as being from a brie-swilling state out of touch with America's heartland values.


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