Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Somehow, we don't think so.

Robert Novak claims to be doing the Lord's work:

"I'm trying to tell the truth and taking positions that I hope are godly positions, positions that I hope are helpful to my fellow man," he tells Vanity Fair in a profile that hits the stands tomorrow. "And I don't think there's any law against enjoying myself in the process."

The 74-year-old columnist and CNN commentator remains mum on a great mystery of the moment: his legal status in the Valerie Plame leak case. "While two other reporters, Matthew Cooper of Time and Judith Miller of the New York Times, face jail time for refusing to divulge their sources in the case," writes VF contributing editor David Margolick, "the man who broke the story apparently doesn't."

Novak does talk about his lightning-rod reputation and even shares a recent hate e-mail: "Too bad you weren't on the beach when the tsunami hit," it reads. "You are a disgrace to journalism . . . partially due to your senility."

But the piece describes Novak as a formidable, hardworking columnist -- "he has courage and foresight," writes Margolick -- and notes that "despite spinal meningitis, three types of cancer, two broken hips, two broken wrists and a broken ankle," the man hasn't slowed down. How long will Novak last? "Well, I think probably it's God's will," he tells the mag.

Call us silly, but we're not sure that the Almighty asks columnists to out undercover CIA agents, thus jeopardizing their lives and livelihoods, then allow colleagues to take the rap.

Just guessin'.


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