Thursday, March 10, 2005


Former Sen. Miller tells Liberty students to hold on to religion

The Democrat who fired up Republicans as the keynote speaker during their national convention told Liberty University students Wednesday it was his change in religion, not politics, that had impacted his life the most.


But in a nearly half-hour speech at Liberty he told students it was his change from a "Sunday-morning Christian" to what he called a more spiritual life that had really changed his life.

In February 2003 Miller's son, Matt, lost sight in both eyes due to complications from diabetes. At the same time, Matt's wife became so ill she spent 77 days in intensive care.

"Our whole world came crashing in," said Miller, 73, who told students he then turned to his long-neglected faith to help him cope. "This experience with my family drove me to my knees."

A series of operations helped restore some of Matt's vision.

"Matt was blind and now he can see, and Zell was blind and now he can see much more clearly that ever before," Miller said. "The Sunday-morning Christian is no more."


The Rev. Jerry Falwell sat behind Miller during his address. It was one of the few times Liberty's chancellor has been out of the house since being released from the hospital last week after suffering pneumonia.

"The world is glad to have him back," Miller said of Falwell's recovery.

Well, it's an explanation, anyway.


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