Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Watch Out For Them Kids

From the Greek Orthodox Dailyreadings Listserv:
Saint Mark was Bishop of Arethusa in Syria.
In the days of Saint Constantine the Great,
Saint Mark, moved with divine zeal, destroyed
a temple of the idols and raised up a church
in its stead. When Julian the Apostate
reigned, in 361, as the pagans were now able
to avenge the destruction of their temple,
Saint Mark, giving way to wrath, hid himself;
but when he saw that others were being taken
on his account, he gave himself up. Having no
regard to his old age, they stripped him and
beat his whole body, cast him into filthy
sewers, and pulling him out, had children
prick him with their iron writing-pens. Then
they put him into a basket, smeared him with
honey and a kind of relish of pickled fish,
and hung him up under the burning sun to be
devoured by bees and wasps. But because he
bore this so nobly, his enemies repented, and
unloosed him.

A kind of relish of pickled fish?

Bees and wasps?

It's strange what communities choose to remember over time...

At 3:00 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

I get the same GO readings via email too! And yeah, that one had me shaking my head thinking what kind of sick people think this stuff up?


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