Monday, March 14, 2005

When is a church not a church?

The Guardian reviews an interfaith chapel at Derby University:

We're fond of the last paragraphs of the story:
This is not a dedicated place of worship, although it might be used for services and, as its director, Eileen Fry, suggests, for weddings of couples of different religions. "We see the centre as a place for breaking down barriers between people of different faiths," says Fry. "We're helped by having a new building because it has no associations members of one faith might find negative. We have men and women sitting together in meetings and debates - people who might otherwise be segregated in public.

"There's a new spirit at work here; it's one helped by the design of the building. I suppose we could have gone for a simple box. It would have been cheaper - we're still looking for someone to help us with the last £50,000 - but it is working. And the idea is spreading."


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