Saturday, April 16, 2005

Amy M.

I am Amy Machado. I am an evangelical Christian, and I am not hostile faith. I live in Raynham, MA, with my husband and my step-son.

How can I be hostile to faith when I posses it in my soul? How can I be hostile to faith when it brings me wisdom, when it guides my actions, when it calls out my sin, when it cleanses my heart? How can I be hostile to faith after my parents shared this wonderful gift with me and my brother? How can I be hostile to faith when the husband I love needs Christ as much as I do?

When I accepted Christ, the Holy Spirit came upon me, just as it does with every one who asks Christ into their heart. My faith is mine, and no one has the right to question it. The Spirit is there with me every day, and He makes me understand some amazing things. The Spirit is a part of my deep feelings and passion for justice, and it compels me to fight against evil. Evils such as war and violence, oppression of the poor, misogyny, greed, usury, judgment in the spirit of the Pharisees, and racism. The Spirit is there with me when I step into the voting booth and proudly vote Democratic, and I do it so that my government might also fight against those evils. When people use the name of Christ to divide our nation by using tactics of hatred and greed, the Holy Spirit in me stirs, and I must speak out.

I am a follower of Christ, and I don't need a fundraising, lobbyist group to help me focus on my family. I don't need distractions about "filth on television" and FCC fines when I need to be focused on genocide in Sudan. I don't need distractions about judicial nominees and the filibuster when I need to be focused on health care for all Americans.

What we do need is Americans of faith standing up to say the simple-minded, ignorant politics of fear are no longer acceptable. We need politicians who are thoughtful and free-thinking, not beholden to greedy, corrupt leadership.

I am one of those Americans of faith who IS standing up. I am a liberal, and I want my country back.


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