Sunday, April 17, 2005


My name is Betsy and I live in Southwest Florida. I'm an agnostic who is still pondering the truthfulness that a God exists, but I have studied the lessons of Jesus and believe in his message wholeheartedly. For that reason, I am a Democrat, because I believe in helping the poor, caring for the sick, clothing the naked, housing the homeless. Jesus was a liberal, his views are not synonymous with exclusion or targeting certain people for hatred. Those who want to intertwine politics with the Christian religion in hopes of creating a theocracy don't seem to care about the poor, the power they wish to use will not provide for anyone who is suffering on any grand scale, instead that power is a weapon to be used against those Jesus wants to help. Those who believe in such theocracy may say they believe in Christ but their actions say otherwise. They do not welcome the stranger, they welcome laws against the stranger, such as a ban on gay marriage. I am not gay myself, but I even I can see those who espouse such hatred do not follow Christ's message at all.

Whenever we are reminded that Jesus said "whatever you do to these little ones, you also do to me" we should all look at which policies we believe in and how those policies do or do not fit in with Jesus' admonition. Excluding others from society for any one reason or another excludes Jesus as well. We should let others be who they are, and let Jesus sort it out; anything less than that tells me those who espouse beliefs that target others do not believe in Jesus, they believe in their own human and ungodly power.

Humans who believe they are doing Jesus' work by creating laws against others are not doing Jesus' work at all, they are in fact working against a faith in Jesus and show us they do not believe Jesus can do it himself.


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