Sunday, April 17, 2005

Chet S.

My name is Chet Scoville. I'm 36 years old; I'm married; I'm a blogger known as the Green Knight; I'm an Anglican Christian; and I'm a progressive.

I believe that we are to walk humbly and quietly with God, not to parade our religion on television and in the Senate chamber.

I believe that the peacemakers, not the warmongers, are the blessed.

I believe that true religion is helping the widows and orphans, that is, the weak, disadvantaged, and marginalized.

I believe that the kingdom of Heaven is not of this world, and that theocracy and empire are an idolatrous perversion of that kingdom.

I believe that politics that serve the cause of greed are antithetical to what God wishes.

I believe that the hatred and anger sown in America today are not of God.

All this I believe because the gospel of Christ tells it to me.

I also believe that the church should not be an arm of the state, or the state an arm of the church.

I also believe that the so-called "culture war" does not exist, but is a distraction devised by political elites to divide and conquer ordinary people.

I also believe that the right's attempt to impose one narrow version of Christianity on everyone else is a disaster of epic proportions.

And I believe that once religious exclusiveness is enshrined into law, the process of exclusion will never stop.

All this I believe because history tells it to all of us.

I will not stand for the perversion of my faith by the intolerant.

I will not back down from defending the truth.

I will not be quiet.

I will not cooperate with the dismantling of the Constitution.

I will not permit the blaspheming of the name of Christ by those who serve only raw power and greed.

And I will not submit to any but God.


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