Saturday, April 16, 2005


I am a Democrat of faith. I am a baptized, confirmed Irish-American Catholic. My heritage has taught me the perils of religious intolerance. Just as in Ireland, God is neither Catholic nor Protestant, in America, God is neither Republican nor Democrat. As a Catholic and as a Democrat, I endeavor to emulate Pope John Paul II, a man who was not only devout, but also generous, a man who could disagree with people without judging them. This, I believe, is holiness. I endeavor to do right by my sisters and brothers of every faith, including those whose faith resides in something other than God as I know him.

I believe in loving my neighbor even when we can agree on almost nothing.

I believe in feeding the hungry.

I believe in caring for the sick.

I believe in welcoming the outcast, the exile, the persecuted, and the disenfranchised.

I believe in forgiving those who have hurt me.

I believe that one people should never prosper at the expense of another people’s pain.

I believe in building a peaceful, just, equitable world.

I believe that no voice should be silenced, for such silencing is a product of fear.

I believe that love is stronger than fear.


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