Saturday, April 16, 2005

Creede L.

Hello. My name is Creede Lambard. I live in Seattle, Washington.

I am a man of faith.

I have faith in God, but my God is apparently not the same god
worshipped by many in this country.

Their god teaches his followers to hate. My God teaches us to love one
another -- even our enemies.

Their god teaches his followers that wealth and power are an end unto
themselves. My God says the poor shall see His Kingdom, and that one
cannot serve both Him and the gods of wealth and power.

Their god must like widows and orphans, because his followers are
creating more of them every day. Yet they do little to help the
helpless. My God says to help the widow and the orphan and those who
cannot help themselves.

Their god has followers who want to run the country as an extension of
their worship of him. My God says to give the government those things
that are the government's, and give Him those things which are His.

Their god seems to think it's all right to lie, cheat, steal and kill
to achieve your goals. My God has harsh words for people like these.
One of those words is "hypocrite." He also likens them to freshly
painted tombs, which look pleasant but contain death and decay.

I have faith in my God, but not in theirs.

I have faith in America. I do not have faith in those who have
hijacked its government for their own ends and to serve their false

And I have faith in Americans. I have faith that Americans will do the
right thing and wrest their country from the grip of those who would
hijack it for their own selfish ends. God bless us all. Thank you.


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