Saturday, April 16, 2005

Erik N.

My name is Erik Nelson. I'm a Christian and a Democrat.

I attend services every Sunday and am active in many of my church's community outreach projects.

I'm politically liberal because of my faith in Jesus Christ. My understanding of Jesus' message is to strive to uplift the poor, the needy, the outcast in our communities.

Jesus railed against greed and materialism. Jesus told us to let our actions proclaim our faith and to not go around bragging about how devout he think we are.

I believe Jesus was a liberal. I see the typical message and actions of the Christian Conservative movement as precisely the opposite of how Jesus would have his followers behave.

As a liberal person of faith striving each day to put my faith into action in my life, I am deeply offended by crass attempts to claim that the Democrats or liberals in general are hostile to people of faith. I strongly and respectfully request this practice be stopped immediately.

I absolutely believe that the principle of separation of church and state was very much purposefully and wisely enshrined in our constitution by our founding fathers. I believe it's critical for our country to respect this separation. As a person of faith, I am adamantly opposed to the so-called "nuclear option" taking away the right of the minority to filibuster in the Senate.


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