Monday, April 18, 2005

Karen P.

I am Karen Price, an ordained lay minister of the Community of Christ. Along with my fellow progressives, I am not hostile to faith, but must bravely state my opposition to the tactics of the Right and their anti-Christian behavior carried out in the name of Christ. We Progressives have been falsely accused in an age-old power-grab attempt.

When I was converted, my nature began to respond more and more to the progressive political agenda in this country until in 1987, I changed to the democratic party. I was and still am devoutly converted to Jesus Christ whose call to action is spelled out in the sermon on the mount. I have not found perfect people anywhere, but to grow spiritually I must identify with progressives who are in the forefront of those organizations striving to serve Jesus. "And they will say, 'Lord, when saw we thee sick, afflicted, hungered, naked, and in prison and ministered unto thee?' And I will say, whenever you did it unto the least of these my brethren, ye did it unto me."

Just as today, Religion was used by the powerful at the time of Christ to increase their own power over the people. They were finally successful in preaching to the fearful that Jesus would destroy their religion and bring down their nation. I believe that I am on earth to become like the gentle teacher I worship, to never to tire of turning the other cheek. The sword He promised was a separation from sin, even if we had to separate ourselves from those closest to us, but the sword He spoke of was never an advocacy to violence. Instead He told us to leave the 90 and nine to save the one sinner, the one lost, the one fallen, not to turn our backs on a sinner.

He walked and talked and ate with the sinners and held up for example those who deeply repented of their sins. He lived to serve the lost, the fallen, the poor, the helpless. He never demonstrated the value of worrying about the things spoken divisively by the Christian right. In fact, the only righteous indignation He demonstrated was against the commercialization of the place of worship.

And now His religion is being politicized by the right and some followers are being taught to fear me and my fellow progressives falsely teaching that we would destroy their religion and bring down their nation. (Our nation.) They suppose they see our hearts and our sacrifices and call that which is good evil. These unauthorized judges will one day see the errors of their false judgments and at last follow the truth as detailed in the book they misread and at last hear the whispers of the One they misrepresent.


Karen Price


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