Saturday, April 16, 2005

Magenta G.

I am Magenta Griffith, of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I am a woman of faith, a leader and elder in my community. I am a Witch and a priestess of the Goddess. My coven, Prodea, is one of the oldest in the area.

I am a lifelong Democrat. One of my early memories was "helping" my mother vote for John F. Kennedy. My first campaign was McGovern's. I’ve been active ever since. I have served in the local party as a delegate, a precinct chair, and a central committee member. I spent the night before Paul Wellstone was elected putting flyers on cars, despite freezing temperatures.

My beliefs have always shaped my political participation. First, because I believe the Earth is our Mother, I have always been active in environmental causes. We are doing a dreadful job taking care of our planet, our home. We are also doing a dreadful job of taking care of one another. I believe we are all family, all living beings. I am concerned with other humans, animals, plants, the web of life.

I also am a staunch feminist. This ties in with my Witchcraft: when you see the Divine as female, you change your attitude about women. I think that much of the problem with some branches of Christianity relates to their seeing the Divine as male, and thinking if God is male, then males are god. I have worked to balance the shared consciousness of humanity away from the male image that has dominated for so very long.

Connected with this is my strong support for women's reproductive rights. I had a paid job at Planned Parenthood for four years, until I burned out. This is not only about the rights of women to have control over their own bodies. It also ties in with the environmental and ecological problems we have. Many of these originate in overpopulation. I feel it is far kinder to control our population through birth control, and when necessary, abortion, than through disease, war, famine and disaster as we seem to be doing at present.

I believe in what I call the natural virtues of honesty, fairness and kindness. This world may not be intrinsically fair, but it is our duty as conscious beings to do what we can to make it more fair, and to help those around us.

I see this great country of ours being divided by religious disputes. This is not the way it is supposed to be. Our Founding Fathers wanted the United States to be a place where all religions are respected, and where none dominate. It is unfortunate that a small group of people are trying to overthrow the principles of this country. I believe that many faiths are valid – but not all. We are given intelligence to use, to be able to tell good from evil, true from false. I call upon all people of faith to shun those who would overthrow the Constitution and establish theocracy.

I also want to state that I support people of all faiths and none at all. I believe the way I do because of direct experiences of the Divine. My experience is private, my own. I cannot know what experiences have shaped other peoples' paths. What is important, for me, is how you live your life, whether you relieve the suffering of the world, or add to it.

Unfortunately, those in political power right now seem bent on causing more suffering to the great majority of the world, in order to benefit a very small group. I call on the Goddess to reveal their true nature and true motivations, and I call on all people of faith to see them for what they are.


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