Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mary C

My spiritual beliefs inform my values and are totally aligned with the democratic ideals of my beloved country.

I was raised Catholic, and while I no longer consider myself a member of a particular religion (too much misogyny to make me feel like a whole human being), the teachings of Jesus Christ have guided my spirituality to this day.

I cannot imagine Jesus supporting the war against Iraq, killing 100,000 or more innocent people (including untold numbers of unborn children, though so-called "pro-life" people won't admit it, perhaps because they are Iraqi, rather than American, fetuses?) Jesus taught love, turning the other cheek - things today's right-wing consider "liberal", and therefore, to be despised. I think today's right wing really hates what Jesus taught. They simply exploit his name for political power.

I cannot imagine Jesus supporting increasing the wealth of the rich and placing the burden of taxation on the poor and middle class for generations to come. Jesus had some very specific words about the ability of the rich to ascend to heaven. Or not. Jesus asked us to love the poor, not coddle the rich.

I cannot imagine Jesus accepting more mercury and asbestos and all the other chemical poisons and wastes from greedy and irresponsible corporations. I cannot imagine Jesus accepting pollution's devastation on the unborn, the children, all of life, as simply a way to protect and improve corporate profits for the few.

Yes, I have faith. I am a Democrat BECAUSE I have faith!! The Democratic Party holds positions far closer to those of Jesus than the Republicans. The Republicans are the party of greed and power who do nothing but offer gratuitous lip service to the teachings of Jesus Christ, dividing our nation and contributing to its eventual fall if we do not stop them.

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