Saturday, April 16, 2005

Peggy J.

I am a liberal democrat and a person of faith. About thirteen years ago, my faith in God was rebord in a powerful way. That experience transformed me, and today it continues to guide me and allows me to meet the world with wonder and gratitude. I am deeply indebted to friends in the faith community who nurtured me through that journey. I hope that I can be a beacon of faith and hope to others.

Since I had and continue to have such a strong experience with faith, I feel a special kinship with others who are moved by the power of God, whatever their denomination. I certainly do not wish to stand against them, and I don't want my government to stand against them, since I know that the power of God compels many of us to be forces of good in our community. I pray that those in the Conservative Evangelical Christian Community can come to recognize that we are kindred in our love and faith. I pray that some day soon they will be willing to join in dialog with other people of faith, and with all Americans who love freedom and justice, to figure out what we can do -- what Jesus would want us to do -- to make this a better world for all.

Peggy Jenkins


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