Sunday, April 17, 2005

Rick L.

My name is Rick Ledbetter, and I follow the teachings of Jesus, as written in the Gospel of St. Thomas. I was brought up Presbyterian in the Deep South, then turned to Eastern philosophy in my 20's. I studied Lao-Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Buddhism, Confucius, as well as the Hindu faith. I learned about the spirituality of the American Indians. I read Doors of perception while "altered", and the books of Alan Watts, principally "Psychotherapy East and West". I learned Kung Fu as a spiritual discipline. I have gone to a lot of Christian churches, Catholic as well as Protestant. Had a relative who was a priest and attended a Jesuit college in a heavily Catholic town. One day, I reread the New Testament words of Jesus, and saw the remarkable similarities between what is taught in the East and what Jesus was saying to the people of Israel. I found the Gospel of St. Thomas and that became the foundation of what I follow today. I believe that no person should tell another what to believe unless asked. I believe that everyone should learn how to hear the voice of on their own. I do not believe on professing my beliefs in public, rather, through my actions and how I can help and inspire others. I do not believe in the idolatry of Jesus. that all said, I believe that this country has lost its way, and those in power are running us over a cliff. I am willing to stand up and make my voice heard to return this country to the principles of its founders. It is time to stand for what we know is right. It does not matter what faith a person may have, the principle of treating each other as we would ourselves is nearly universal, and should be the bedrock for all humanity. Bur wresting power from the corrupt ones that hold it now will not happen without a fight. And I will, as the person who stands against evil in the name of good.

At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Spirituality requires a person to seek the "truth" within themselves.
This "Truth" is universal in nature. Because it is based upon Love. Love of Ourselves and the Love of all Creation.

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