Monday, April 11, 2005

Say nothing...

I usually appreciate Christianity Today, even if I don't usually agree with their perspective.

But I have to confess I can't see that any purpose is served by articles like [ this one:]

Say What?
Conservative theologians dismayed by recommendations on gay unions.


Jean Bethke Elshtain of the University of Chicago Divinity School told CT she is worried about the potential divisiveness of policies that appear to be "dictations from 'on high.'"

If the task-force recommendations come to a vote at the Churchwide Assembly, August 8-14 in Orlando, other church members may reject the proposal—as too conservative, according to James Childs, director for the ELCA Studies on Sexuality. "There is a significant number of others we feel are operating in good conscience."

However, Robert Benne, director of the Center for Religion and Society at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, told CT, "Homosexuality will only be the flashpoint of a deeper conflict over how seriously to take the Bible and Christian tradition."

There's not nearly enough of Elshtain's original response to tell if she's objecting to the recommendations or agreeing with the working group's light touch in addressing the potentially divisive situation.

Childs is saying--stop the presses!--that both camps are valued in the Lutheran church, and they may have something to say to one another.

And Benne is repeating what many scholars have been saying all along: that the fight is not so much about the role of homosexuals within the church as about the authority of scripture.

All of which sounds a whole lot less like dismay than mild expressions of concern over a difficult issue.

Damn those those stoic Lutherans!


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