Sunday, April 17, 2005


My name is Steven, and I live in the Georgia mountains. I was raised in the Southern Baptist church in the seventies, became Disciples of Christ, converted to Catholicism in 1998 and now attend the local Episcopal Church. Like every soul on this planet- 6 billion of us, all equal in God's eyes, I am on a journey. I am a Christian. I believe in the true Jesus. I publicly profess this. I affirm faith.

I strongly disagree with what the religious right is trying to do through federal legislation. I say this out of concern for my country. I believe we are slipping back through deliberate, planned steps- purposefully done- into some kind of Social Darwinism/ Gilded Age type of society, where the weak are trampled upon. I see no connection to the divine in this plan. Also, I believe these attempts to marry the political and the religious in such a strange way is hurting the community of believers, driving many away. So, I am also concerned about our faith.

I believe the United States can break through all this fear and divisiveness to become unified again. I think we can do it if we are all ready to compromise just a bit on our actions. Its' going to have to come from the people. They are going to have to be the ones to stand up to the politicians that are doing this and reject them at the ballot box. We can come together again. I know it.


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