Thursday, April 07, 2005

They're bragging about this crap now?

Lou Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition:
The Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (GLHRC) has just published a new report that credits TVC with getting bisexual, pro-abortionist Patricia Ireland fired from the YWCA in 2003.

The report, "Written Out: How Sexuality Is Used To Attack Women's Organizing," describes TVC’s media campaign on pages 73-75 of the online PDF report.

The report notes that technological advances have allowed increasing use of web activism "that elicits fast mobilization of conservative constituencies. As a result, targeted lesbian- and sexuality-baiting can stretch across a country or the globe with a few clicks of a computer mouse."

TVC responds: "TVC’s objective was to expose the truth about Patricia Ireland’s radical bisexual and feminist agenda and the impact it would have on young girls who joined the Girl Scouts."

Perhaps I'm missing something here. Where does Jesus say "Blessed are they who get one another canned, and then use that to raise funds"?

Very traditional values, Lou.

At 9:36 AM, Blogger dave said...

I saw that last blew me away.

"Look at us, we got someone fired! All because she was attracted to women. We're just trying to be like Jesus".


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