Friday, April 22, 2005

United Church of Christ

Here's what the UCC Justice and Peace Network has to say about Bill Frist:
It is deeply disappointing that Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN) has decided to polarize and divide the nation by joining with the Family Research Council to promote "Justice Sunday" on April 24th. The telecast event is intended to send the message that anyone who disagrees with President Bush's judicial nominees and anyone who supports the Senate filibuster rule is "against people of faith." Sen. Frist's support for this campaign moves the public dialogue to a new level of mean- spiritedness.

To suggest that faith and morality is only on one side of any policy issue severely damages public dialogue in our country. It runs counter to our country's cherished tradition of religious respect, tolerance and pluralism.

In an April 20th UC News release, UCC General Minister and President John Thomas notes that, "With all that threatens to divide Christians today, we don't need U.S. senators driving a wedge between us for self-serving political gain."

It is incumbent that people of faith urge Sen. Frist to reconsider his participation in "Justice Sunday", and to encourage all elected officials to uphold the values of fairness, integrity and mutual respect for differing viewpoints which are essential to a healthy democratic process.

To contact the office of Sen. Frist and urge him to reconsider his participation in "Justice Sunday" click here.

To link to the UC News release on "Justice Sunday" click here.

That second link should take you to a story quoting UCC President John Thomas on the story. Good stuff.


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