Sunday, April 17, 2005

Zoe W.

My name is Zoe W, and I believe in the teachings of Christ and try to apply
them in my life, but I cannot call myself a Christian for personal reasons.
Still, I am a person of faith who reads the bible and who tries to live my life
according to the word of God.

It angers me that our elected officials have begun to define God as only
supporting the conservative agenda of the far religious right. They represent
but a tiny fraction of people of faith, yet they are pandered to every time
they scream about being "persecuted". None of these people has ever had to
suffer for their beliefs, and they have no idea what persecution is.
Persecution is being marched into a gas chamber en masse to be slaughtered.
Persecution is having everyone know you were sent to die, and having them all
shrug and turn away because they believed you deserved what you got. The Jews
were persecuted, and now the Muslims are being persecuted in their own
countries, but you on the religious right, whose lives have never been
threatened, you have never even imagined what real persecution is. You are all
hypocrites, and woe be to you for your follies.

I believe in an America where I as a person of faith can live in peace with
people of secular belief and other religions.

I believe in an America where justice is defined by the law, not by a few
religious extremists who think America is only for them.

I believe in an America where politicians discuss issues of substance like the
economy, education reform, or foreign policy, not which judge or politician is
what religion.

I believe in the America that our forefathers built, and that my ancestor
helped refine over the years. In our short history, we have accomplished so
much for the greater good of all our people, and to have all of that threatened
by the religious right is a travesty that cannot be met with silence. I will
stand up and let my voice rise at every suggestion that God is on the side of
the religious right, because God is not a politician.

Zoe E W.


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