Monday, May 30, 2005

Scott M.

My name is Scott Mitchell and I live in Everett, WA. I am an Episcopalian whose father and uncle are both priests and both Republicans. I am a progressive Democrat who believes that violence and aggression is wrong and contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am an advocate for the homeless.

My belief in Jesus and my attempt to conform to his teaching requires that I put feeding the hungry and housing the homeless before amassing wealth and achieving social status.

I believe God is entirely capable of working in other people's lives to achieve His aim without my interference. I also believe God is immensely larger than I can imagine and that He gave His son as sacrifice for everyone's sin and wrongdoing. I believe God loves Hindus, Muslims, etc. no less than He loves me.

I believe my faith makes me a better citizen even though many of the views I hold distress my father. I believe in equal rights for every man, woman, and child in this nation I hold dear, regardless of their sexual identity, color, or choice of religion.

I believe we are heading towards a fascist theocracy that is contrary to the spirit of inclusiveness exemplified by God's desire to enter into a loving and healing relationship with each person on this earth.

As the earliest believers refused to be silenced by political and religious oppression, so do I refuse to be silenced by the oppression of those in this nation who seek to require submission to their own narrow and exclusive view of God.

I believe that people and nations reap what they sow, and because of that I pray for God's mercy on America.


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