Sunday, June 05, 2005

Brothers and Sisters,

I ask your prayers* for our community, the world, and all those in need.

For our community:

  • For those who suffer from fibromyalgia or other painful afflictions, and for those whose health insurance is exorbitantly expensive or is too limited in its coverage;

  • For those who continue to feel the repercussions of childhood, and who are anxious about their own worth;

  • For those who feel held back from taking on a new career, for those who are stuck in work without meaning, and for those who discover that their career is not what they had hope for;

  • For those who have tangled with another member of the community, with another online conversation partner, or who have borne the weight of another's displaced feelings;

  • For those who struggle with parenthood, whether their children are young or approaching adulthood;

  • And in thanksgiving and hope for those who embark on new beginnings: new marriages, graduations:

    We pray* to you, O Source of all Goodness.

*Meditate, hold in good and active thought.

For the world:

For all those in need:

  • For the young, and the old, that they may be safe from abuse, exploitation and thoughtlessness;

  • For immigrants, exiles and refugees, and for all those who long for their home;

  • For the GLBT community, and for all who suffer oppression for being different;

  • For the poor of all nations;

  • For the sick, the sorrowing, and the suffering;

  • For Norman and Mary T. and their family, struggling to come to terms with the death of an 8 1/2 year old daughter;

    We pray* to you, O Source of all Goodness.

At 1:29 AM, Blogger Razzled said...

To PasterDan-
I stumbled here from Booman, but I think I've seen your tag in other sites. I haven't prayed a community prayer for many years, since I was regularly participating in a Sunday worship. Thank you for posting this prayer, it spoke for me in many ways and it felt good to be part of a community, small that it is, praying in unison of voice if not time. Blessings

At 9:56 AM, Blogger pastordan said...

Thanks, razzled. Stay tuned--I may have some developments you'll be interested in.

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