Friday, June 10, 2005


Christianity Today's Weblog spares no one in Texas Gov. Rick Perry's recent grandstanding bill-signing ceremony at a Fort Worth megachurch. They rake Barry Lynn over the coals pretty thoroughly, but it's the conservatives that get it the worst:
Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, who spoke before Perry at the rally signing ceremony, says he's disenfranchised.

"The issue is there is intolerance against Christians in America who simply want their voices to be heard," he said.

Note to Perkins: Simply having your voices heard is what the 250 or so protesters who showed up outside the Calvary Cathedral gym got. You're not being heard; you're being obeyed. You know that "seat at the table" you're always asking for? Might want to take a look at that cushy chair you're sitting on. When people treat you like Big Brother, it doesn't make much sense to keep complaining that you're the ignored red-headed stepchild.

Actually, whether it was the protesters' rantings outside the gym ("It appears that Gov. Perry believes he was only elected to serve conservative Christians," said Texas Freedom Network president Kathy Miller) or the rantings of those inside it, it's hard to pick the most over-the-top example.
But the winner has to be Don Wildmon, president and founder of the American Family Association, who said it's okay to use a church school gym because "This is not the sanctuary. God ain't in here." Then, pointing at the Calvary Cathedral sanctuary, Wildmon said, "He's in there!"
After all the hyperbole, the harshest critique that can be honestly leveled from the left is that Perry shrewdly used legislation to curry favor among religious conservatives. The honest critique that can be leveled from the right is—nothing. The right got its way. And what can be said honestly about Perry? He really seems to want a bill-signing ceremony at Wal-Mart.

Mental note: always speak nicely of Weblog. Do not piss Weblog off. Do not even so much as look funny in Weblog's direction.


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