Thursday, June 02, 2005

Call Him Malcolm

Minister Hired By MN Church:
A 27-year-old minister, who had sex-change surgery from a woman to a man has been hired by a church in Minneapolis.

The Reverend Malcolm Himschoot, one of only a few transgendered clergy, will serve as an outreach minister at the 1800-member Plymouth Congregational Church. For the past year, Himschoot has been associate pastor at Denver Inner City Parish.

The transgendered minister, who's married to a woman, is the subject of the documentary 'Call Me Malcolm.' The film was produced by the United Church of Christ, which ordained Himschoot.

At Plymouth, Himschoot will work on affordable housing and at a center for the mentally ill, and will preside at weddings, funerals, baptisms and other church events.

One quibble, and it's one that even I fall into: one is "called" to a ministry, not "hired." God's the boss, is the idea.


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