Friday, June 17, 2005

Church Growth Lite

The Gutless Pacifist on the religious right chimera that people are leaving liberal churches in droves:
So the notion that people are fleeing liberal churches in favor of conservative ones is simply false. Nevermind the strange contradiction that usually comes with such arguments, where "ear tickling liberalism" is supposedly appealing to the masses with the "broad way" while at the same time conservatives are congratulating themselves for their huge church growth. However, as we have seen, that church growth is actually an illusion... It's a matter of growth in the population and mobility, not a growth in membership. For mainline churches, people remain extremely loyal to them or to their denominational families, and though they may leave for a brief spell, they almost inevitably return. In urban centres, these churches are trending towards growth as well.

At 1:00 PM, Anonymous David Bennett said...

Hear, hear. My wife and I joined a local UCC church ( recently and the membership there remains fairly constant with a few new faces every month.

We don't have quite the huge growing congregation that the conservative church down the way has (, but I think our little church does more in the way of community than many much larger churches.


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