Monday, June 20, 2005

Evangelism, Southern Baptist Style

Agape Press reports on a speaker at the recent Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville:
Baucham explained himself further. "What you do is like what we do in a courtroom; you [ask], 'Do we have any eyewitnesses? Do the eyewitnesses tell the same story?' Yep! 'Friday, dead -- Sunday, risen!'"

Baucham is co-author of a resolution that encourages Southern Baptist churches to investigate their local public school districts to determine if any homosexual influence exists. The resolution may come up for a vote on Wednesday during the SBC business meeting.

You let us know how this works out, okay?

At 9:26 PM, Blogger Julie said...

What in the world would qualify as homosexual influence? A lack of rigid rules concerning boys taking shop and girls taking home ec.? Lockers painted to coordinate with the floor tiles?

Bizarre. But I'm impressed, pastordan; I read Baptist Press, sometimes, but I don't have the courage to read Agape Press.

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