Sunday, June 05, 2005

Pray for Fred Phelps

I try not to give Phelps or Westboro Baptist publicity, so I'll just say the good folks of Lexington, Massachusetts have got the right idea:
The Rev. Susan Morrison, pastor of Lexington United Methodist Church, said members of her church voted in 2000 to become a ''reconciling congregation," meaning church members ''celebrate people's gender identity, sexual orientation, race, and economic status, and open our doors to everyone."

Asked about the Kansas church's interpretation of Christianity, Morrison said, ''I just see that their intention is to condemn anything that is different than themselves. It appears that there's no room for any difference."

''It's not the same Gospel that I preach and teach," she said. ''The Gospel that I preach is one of forgiveness, loving one's enemy, everyone at the table."

The Bedford Board of Selectmen approved a statement Tuesday night calling the Kansas church's planned demonstration ''an insult to the values of this town and to all its citizens."

''With a united voice, we strongly condemn the language and underlying message of hate as a violation of human decency," the resolution said.


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