Thursday, June 02, 2005

Take Action

From the United Church of Christ Justice and Peace Network:
The Bush Administration has renewed efforts to develop a "bunker busting" nuclear bomb that would penetrate the ground before exploding in order to destroy underground targets. Two committees of the House of Representatives have blocked the Bush Administration's plans to fund development of the "bunker buster" bomb. The Senate is now slated to take up the Administration's $4 million funding request for the "bunker buster" weapon as part of the defense reauthorization debate beginning next week.

The Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, or "bunker buster" bomb is a reconfigured nuclear bomb that would burrow into the ground to destroy deep bunkers. It would have an explosive capacity approximating 70 Hiroshima-sized bombs. Because it explodes deep in the ground, it would generate a huge amount of long-lasting radioactive fallout.

Pusuing development of the "bunker buster" nuclear bomb could well undermine U.S. efforts to convince other countries not to develop nuclear weapons. The United States has strongly criticized Iran and North Korea for moving to obtain equipment to produce weapons-grade nuclear materials and the ability to deliver them as nuclear bombs. There is real danger that in restarting a nuclear arms race by pursuing the development of new nuclear weapons, the United States will lose its credibility and leadership in the already struggling international efforts to halt the spread of nuclear weapons.

Contact your senators and urge them to oppose funding for the "bunker buster" weapon.

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