Thursday, June 16, 2005

Watch Out! United Methodist Women!!

Beyond idiocy from Crosswalk:
By now, we've all heard the pejoratives leveled against the so-called religious right and its alleged role in the confirmation of what the Democrats like to call "extremist judges."

But what role has the religious left played in all of this?

According to the Institute on Religion and Democracy, the United Methodist Women's organization launched a "Save the Filibuster" campaign.

The head of The National Council of Churches sent a letter to Senator Majority leader Bill Frist trying to protect the filibuster against judges they don't like, while the bishop in charge of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America accused Frist of "political manipulation" on the issue of judges.

The United Church of Christ in D.C. lobbied in support of the filibuster.

And, the clerk of the Presbyterian Church, USA was part of a media conference call that complained about the role religious conservatives played in the opposition to the filibuster.

You know, I've always thought there was something sinister about those Methodist ladies...


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